Virgin Extra Olive Oil Ortoli
From non-intensive and organic cultivation of our groves, we obtain olives of Picual and Empeltre varieties, and extract in cold and only by mechanical procedures our extra virgin olive oil. Ort’Oli is produced under high quality standards and with olives harvested at a level of ripeness to produce an organic extra virgin olive oil fruity and of mild intensity.
1L, 2L or 5L Can
tasting notes

Extra virgin olive oil with a fruity flavor and mild intense flavor and aroma of fresh herbs. Its fruity flavor, light pungency and bitterness, with notes of tomato, herbs and almond reflect the attributes of two much appreciated olives varieties.

Very versatile in the kitchen working pretty good to complement the flavor of cold or hot dishes. It is a ery good option for salads, pates, vegetables and sea food. Because of its resistance to oxidation, it is a good alternative for frying and pastry.