Montsagre variedad empeltre
Box of 6 units
From non-intensive and ecological cultivation of our groves, we get the Empeltre variety olives which we mill through cold and only by mechanical procedures to obtain our Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality. Under a very strict quality criteria we select a limited amount of our production to offer a unique product of the highest level.
tasting notes
Intensity and fruity flavor expected from an early harvest, with sweet notes and aromas of fresh grass, almonds and walnuts coming from a little extended and extremely appreciated variety.

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It is considered particularly suitable for salads, grilled fish, white meats and fresh cheeses. It can also be added to creams, soups or purees. It is a very interesting oil for the development of all kinds of desserts, even some creative ones.
White enameled glass bottle 250/500 ml. not translucent. Box of 6 units.
Data sheet
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2020 Gold Medal.

2017 Gold Medal.

2015 Silver Medal.