picual family selection

It is considered particularly suitable for raw vegetable salads, boiled or grilled vegetables, toasted bread, seafood, carpaccio, vinaigrettes, basis for pates, meats, pasta, sauces and emulsions, marinades giving reply to a good vinegar, cheeses, pastries, chocolate, fruits and honey.
For its richness of natural antioxidants and polyphenols it is particularly suitable for raw or cooked canned food.

empeltre family selection

It is considered particularly suitable for salads, grilled fish, white meats and fresh cheeses. It can also be added to creams, soups or purees. It is very interesting for the development of all kinds of desserts, even some creatives ones.

coupage picual + empeltre

It is well suited for salads, vegetables, seafood, white meats, fresh cheeses, pastas, sauces and emulsions, confectionery, chocolate, fruits and honey.

vinegar of cabernet sauvignon wine

Vinegar ideal to combine with our oils and sublimate its flavor to all kinds of dishes such as salads where the berries have an important role, vinaigrettes, marinades, sauces, meat or poultry as duck breast, as it is prepared as a reduction or to match him directly, fruits and many others.
It pairs perfectly with virtually all recipes of Mediterranean cuisine that a good require vinegar.